The Cincinnatus Honorary Society is the oldest co-ed honorary at the University of Cincinnati, founded in 1917. For nearly 100 years, Cincinnatus has recognized campus leaders who contribute to the mission of recruitment and retention of students. The name Cincinnatus is taken from the honored citizen-soldier of early Rome, Lucius Quintus Cincinnatus, who after dictatorial service, which saved his infant republic, renounced military authority and returned to his humble life as a farmer. Like the Roman leader, members of Cincinnatus demonstrate distinguishable servant leadership towards the betterment of the University of Cincinnati.

Cincinnatus has come a long way since its inception. The original group of twelve members has since steadily grown over the years, working throughout the year to promote the University of Cincinnati and recruit prospective students. As members of the Cincinnatus Honorary Society, students and alumni have much pride in our history and in remaining one of the most distinguished and dignified honoraries at the University of Cincinnati.